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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easiest Method to Create Playlists for Winamp Android

If you have your Music Files stashed away in Folders just like I do and have a huge MicroSD Card that can accommodate almost all of your favorite music and your only qualm happens to be the lack of a good Music Player for your Android Phone then stress not……Help is at hand. I too have been looking at numerous ways and means to make my job simple when it came to managing my music.

Although Winamp  for Android offers several good features like desktop sync with Winamp 5.6, 4X1 & 4x2 Widgets, Lock-screen Player, Playlist shortcuts and more, I felt it had one important feature missing and that was about Playlist Creation. The Syncing feature is good but what if we have separate folders for the various genres of music or for the best of your collection or something like that…. think on the lines of Collection ‘A’ being your entire Music Collection and another Collection ‘B’ a Sub-set of the entire collection which has been heavily filtered to accommodate only the very best of music that you own simply because unlike on your desktop, space comes at a premium on Micro SD Cards. In such a cases Playlist creation for Collection ‘B’ becomes almost impossible to add them on a one by one basis. So here is the solution for creating Playlists that can be made use of on your default Music Player or Winamp or most likely any other  3rd party player.

1) Install ‘Winamp’ from the Android Market. It’s a Free Application 
2)  Search for another Free App called ‘PlayListGenerator’. A very small application @ just about 600KB. 
3) Download and Install the App from the Market. 
4)  Once done, fire up the App and the interface as you will see is a breeze to use. You have just three buttons to click on the Top.

5) Click the ‘Select’ button to choose the Folder where your Music resides. Do note that you don’t have to traverse to the last folder in the Folder structure. Example:- If you have ‘Best of English’ as the Root Folder and then Sub-Folders like ‘ColdPlay’, ‘Bryan Adams’, ‘Hoobastank’ etc, just pointing to the root folder ‘Best of English’ will do.

6) Once selected, Click the ‘Create List’ button and voila your playlist will be created with the same name having been taken as the Root Folder that was chosen viz in this case, ‘Best of English’ and is automatically placed in a location where both your default music player and Winamp can use simultaneously.

7)    7)   Deletion of Playlists is also easy with just one button deletion as shown below

8) That’s it. You are now good to go. Play your favorite music through Winamp or any other Music Player. 

Simple aint it? Thanks to RDW and Nullsoft who are the developers of these Apps.


Zemrick said...

I logged in to google just to comment here. Big Thanks buddy! you have a very helpful discussion here. I have now a very well organized playlist. I'll post your link to answer people who are in the same problem ;)

Thanks for this article you have.

Avi said...

Certainly most welcome Zemrick. Im glad the article came of help to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!! This really made my life alot simpler. It is really strange that winamp or other players do not have this feature. I have been trying to add an audiobook (consisting of about 500 files) on my android mobile. Until now it has been virtually impossible and extremely teadious to do so. But with this app it works like a charm.
Again, thanks alot for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!! This really made my life alot simpler. It is really strange that winamp or other players do not have this feature. I have been trying to add an audiobook (consisting of about 500 files) on my android mobile. Until now it has been virtually impossible and extremely teadious to do so. But with this app it works like a charm.
Again, thanks alot for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to use your approach however, I do like to keep my songs on my 16g usb flash drive (this is about iconia 500). If I follow your steps correctly your music resides in your main memory - right. Can I still use your approach with some alternate steps? By the way I spent nearly whole day creating playlist, on foot, in winamp only to find out that once I turned off iconia, my 8 hour effort disappeared with out trace, all I was left with was empty playlist titles.

Avi said...

Im guessing that if your Flash Drive is recognized at the point in the application PlaylistGenerator when you select a path for the Music then you should ideally be good to go. i.e All the playlist files will be saved on your TAB's(Permanent Memory).Next time you want to play music,ensure you have the 16GB Flash plugged in and only then play any song from that playlist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, much easier than I was trying to do!

Anonymous said...

gr8 thnx - dont suppose u know how to export playlist from an android/winamp to pc ?

Avi said...

Check out the "Enable Wireless Sync" Option where the Android version of Winamp will connect to the Desktop edition of Winamp over Wi-Fi to sync up. It could be a Pro Feature only though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

BlackAdder said...

Thank you! This is great help and advice.

Dave said...

Seems like the playlist app starts on my external SD card root and not the device root. I keep about 3gig of mp3 files on my internal storage, mostly so it doesn't go to waste, and it appears that this app won't go there at all. I need to get to the device / and it seems like this app won't go there.

sunny said...

tht helped a lot ..thanks a\..tahnks a lot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Avi, you're awesome! Thanks for solving this riddle - as a techie, just figured I was being stupid!

Keith said...

I've never understood why EVERY mp3 player doesn't see folders.
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I was ready to go Office Space on my phone.

Anonymous said...

As an alternative I use Windows Media Player and Dropbox. Then I use FolderSync on my Android syncing the Dropbox/music to sdcard/music.
I make a playlist in WMP and save it as wpl. Fine. That file ends up i sdcard/music automatically and at last in winamp pro. Everything goes automatically. Adding songs in playlist - both in WMP and phone(!). Also new mp3 files are transferred automatically.

Winamp Pro for Android has a irritating bug(?) in the last update. WA does not update the wpl-file when I add songs to the pl in the phone! I must fix this or else I use another player. Perhaps I go back to Poweramp.
BTW. mp3-files and all shit must be in the same folder. It is the tags that is important.
Good Luck!

Brian said...

You, sir, are my hero.

robsid said...

Great app but can't figure out how to change the default setting to my external flash card where all the music is?
Is there a setting that I am missing?

Avi said...

Im not sure if an external flash card is supported.Perhaps newer versions will but Im only certain about this working on SD Cards(Additional Storage).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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